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Just arrived

Assalaamu ‘alaykum. Alhumdulilah, as of April 6th, 2012, we delight in sharing the good news of ‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz Amma’ by Umm Muhemmed, published by Greenbird Books, available via Amazon Books (and Kindle).

Read what some people are already saying about ‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Towards Juz Amma’:

‘Children’s literature classically contains stories about life as a journey or quest. This exquisite narrative of a spiritual Odyssey is a sublime evocation of this theme and I am eager, as one who reads regularly to children at various stages of
development, to offer them this inspiring and inspired tale.’
-Dennis Dalton, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Columbia University

‘A wonderful inspiration! Umm Muhemmed reminds one of the ultimate reason for studying Qur’aan: to understand and reflect on the message. Her narrations are reflections of how Islam should be taught, not moments of forcing religious texts, but rather seeing opportunities and taking lessons from the Qur’aan and Sunnah.’
-Umm Aasiyah Muhammad, Author, A Muslim Princess

‘An insightful story that highlights challenges and victories which a Muslim family in the West experiences. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the phenomenon of Qur’aanic memorisation, Muslim & non-Muslim alike.’
-Hafidha Rayhaanah Omar, Founder Fee Qalbee

‘As commendable as the pursuit of hifdh can be, it can easily become an academic exercise of the mind rather than a spiritual journey of the heart. This book is a bridge between learning the Qur’aan and living the Qur’aan, between memorizing the sacred texts and understanding them. The examples that Umm Muhammed gives – of drawing a straight line to illustrate Siraatul Mustaqeem, of using a space such as a garage to learn Surah Takathur to illustrate the abundance of our stored properties – bring home the message that the Qur’aan is relevant and that its lessons are accessible to old and young. It is also a book about conscious and conscientious parenting, about being aware and in tune with your child’s development and about the sincerity of intention. I plan to use these lessons for my own reflection and for my children’s journeys with the Qur’aan, and pray that Allah blesses the writer in her pursuit of hifdh so that we may see subsequent additions to ‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey.’
-Umm Zakariyya Gardee, Freelance Writer and Editor

‘An intimate and eloquent portrait of one mother’s journey to instruct her children in the basis of Islam. This lovely book reminds us of the importance of giving our children a spiritual berth, while nurturing their adventurous, naturally inquisitive spirits. With humor, grace, and insight, Umm Muhemmed shows how our children have as much (if not more) to teach us than we have to teach them.’
-Jerusha O. Conner Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Education, Villanova University

‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey is a vibrantly written book about the everyday joys and challenges of parenting but with the added dimension of how parents can provide spiritual guidance to their children. While the Qur’aan is a source of guidance for over 1 billion Muslims, too often, the ethos of the Qur’aan is overlooked. Just as Prophet Muhemmed was described as a “living Qur’aan” this book brings to life how this family has chosen to “live the Qur’aan”, through the journey of hifdh, thus making this sacred book a means of guidance, discovery, and moral and spiritual development through our everyday adventures.’
-Zuhaira Razzack, Principal, ILM Academy

‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey will resonate with mothers everywhere – regardless of backgrounds and beliefs – as a portrait of the early years in our children’s lives during which we aim to guide them – from the depths of our hearts – while learning so much from them along the way. The book’s format makes it a pleasure to read: meaningful snapshots from the lives of a delightful family whom we feel we know in person by the end, followed by practical and spiritual advice based on the teachings of Islam. While interesting and informative in regards to its religious basis, this book transcends cultures and geography as well, getting at the very heart of a mother’s dedication to her children.’
-Jenny Curtis Fee, author of Pancakes at Midnight – Jet Lag and the Young Traveler, and mother of three multi-cultural children, Geneva, Switzerland


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