Immediately following is an example of one ‘Hifdh Teaching Note’ (excerpted from the end of Chapter 6, ‘Space’); these are small notes following each of the 40 chapters in A Qur’aanic Odyssey: Toward Juz Amma which address the readers directly, generally giving them food for thought for their instruction and Qur’aanic journey.

Using new (and old) surahs in salah may be one of the most effective ways to reinforce hifdh. Encourage the children (and yourselves) to make salah an expression of hifdh. Within reason, also consider giving treats for new surahs learned (and old ones retained), such as the astronaut ice cream proposed by Ibrahim in the scene above. And wherever possible, connect the dots between where you are with the children (i.e. NASA) and where you are with your surahs (i.e. Surah Al Ikhlas). Here, unlike in some of the earlier scenes, the parallel is striking, as highlighted by Abdurrahman, namely how NASA and Ikhas seek to address the origins of the universe.

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